Lead Generating Websites

Lead Generating Website

Lead Generating Websites

Lead Generating Websites are not only for big dog companies. Leading generating websites gives you the power over your opt-in leads where you and you alone control your source of leads. With the right traffic flow lead generating websites have huge returns on investment. Guerrilla insights offers a single page lead generating site proven to capture leads through online form starts at only $299* initially (*for a limited time) then $99 per year following / website from then on to continue hosting. Our website includes 100% customized content with your branding.  Five business day delivery after approval. Includes (3) emails per website. Depending on the industry in most cases, these sites are Google Ads compliant.


Capturing your leads gives you the power over your email list. Remember, these leads are active and strictly looking to you to fulfill there requirements.  So please be ready to respond promptly.


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