Facebook Banned My Website! Steps On Getting Your Site Unbanned

Facebook Banned My Website! Steps On Getting Your Site Unbanned
December 2, 2019 Guerrilla Insights
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In this way, you’ve most likely come here as you’re attempting to add your site to your Facebook page or offer it with a customer. However, it has been blocked by Facebook. After sharing, you’ve been welcomed with this:

“…The content doesn’t meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know.”

On the off chance that like us, you depended on the Facebook discussions or information base and adhered to their directions, odds have you had no success, which is the reason you’re here. I’ve seen many individuals on the web stall out with this issue while I was doing my examination; some even went a very long time without settling it. Some have turned to sending letters to the Facebook HQ in Ireland; however, I have a strategy you can do carefully.


It’s a disgrace, that when Facebook has blocked you and attempt to contact their help, you go to the acknowledgment that there is hugely, hardly any approaches to get in contact with a person on the issue. On numerous occasions, you’re coordinated by Facebook once more into the equivalent just as a flawed process that blocked you in the first case! The troubleshooting steps, which they prescribe you to use, are additionally altogether worthless. We Have Noticed thousands of Innocent websites have found themselves banned from Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.


Step by step instructions to determine being blocked by Facebook and steps to fix it


OK, so here’s the part you’ve all come here for. I’ll begin by saying; I can’t affirm which one of these techniques settled the issue; however, I can say that a blend of all fixed the issue inside only 2 weeks for us. It merits being exhaustive and attempting these. Through Facebook your guilty until you are proven innocent with no due process to prove otherwise. so here are the steps to attempting to make facebook reconsider


Step 1:


Run the site through the Facebook sharing debugger:





Step 2:


Fill out the Form

Fill Out Facebook appeal form  (don’t hold your breath)


Step 3:


Post an Ad through Facebook( $5), and afterward, on the off chance that it gets declined, appeal it, clarifying that your site is safe and compliant. This may be your only chance for a Facebook HUMAN to look over your site

On the off chance that THE APPEAL IS DENIED – Re request, and write in the ticket something very similar. Whenever denied a few times, erase the Campaign and make another one, at that point, attempt the equivalent once more.


If THE AD IS ACCEPTED –  no doubt your site is no longer Blocked!


Step 4:


Create a Landing Page That Links “not redirects” to your Primary Website.  Getting banned from Facebook can significantly affect your sales in today’s digital world. We found a fix by creating a Single Page landing page that is Facebook compliant your website traffic begins to return to normal. To order your own Facebook Complaint, Landing Page Visits us at Guerrilla Insights.  (7-10 business day turnaround) Results Guaranteed!

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