TV Advertising in the DVR Age

TV Advertising in the DVR Age
October 4, 2019 Guerrilla Insights
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What’s Next? Commercials brought to you, the advertiser. That’s right: while your favorite show or ballgame is playing, commercials would be ever-present along the bottom of your screen, scrolling along. One year from today, digital TV will be the standard. With Blu-Ray DVD Series 2.0 able to bring Internet content to the viewer on-demand; the further marriage of TV and the Internet will flourish.

Advertisers concerned about losing focus due to DVR’s will clamor for this kind of reach. Now, viewers who “TiVo’ ed” ‘Lost’ the other night can still catch that trailer for the new summer blockbuster by clicking on the ad in the crawl and be taken immediately to the website available only through this exclusive link.

In this fashion, commercial time-outs or interruptions are a thing of the past. Viewers, advertisers, and most definitely networks — could tolerate a 20-minute show since the targeted messages could not be missed. No longer do consumers have to suffer through endless commercials to watch their show. Rather than relying on teasers before a break, the network and advertisers can get right to it. Cut out the disruption and put the message directly on the screen.

It will be at this point that consumers will request advertisements relevant to only them. Collect some personal information, and viewers could be assured to see only those ads that they are interested in. Advertisers would not have to worry about diminishing returns of their ad dollars; consumers will let them know what they want.

By creating this virtual velvet rope, viewers are more than willing to click on that link and receive what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. Even local TV stations rely on this to deliver news updates or sports scores to supplement the newscast. Why couldn’t networks use this to drive viewership? Rather than texting or visiting a website to cast your vote for the next American Idol, both of which require either a computer or cell phone, now even Grandpa or Grandma could click on the ad to vote from the comfort of their couch or favorite comfortable chair.

In short order, the consumer’s TV will learn their preferences. No need for consumers to answer a survey by phone or email; their everyday viewing habits will speak for them! A simple click of the remote and – BAM! – Fox and CBS will know precisely what kind of erectile dysfunction medicine the viewer prefers. Sharing of this information with the pharmaceutical companies would allow a bigger bang for their buck indeed.

If the real impact of technology is to get people to use it without realizing it or even trying, this is it. This would genuinely lead the way of finally blurring that line between computer and TV. Perhaps this would also awaken Hollywood and allow new releases to be viewed from home (of course, for a few extra dollars) to cast an even wider net while assuring advertisers those highly desired demographics.

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