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What is a lead? Leads are simply customers who might be interested in the product or service that your company offers. They are people whom you have impressed with your promotional strategies.


If you are the owner of a small business, it is important to get new leads, for sustainability and expansion of your business. Considering all the available options to get new leads, social media has proven to be the best choice, given its popularity and wide reach. In this article, we will see some possible ways to get hot leads on social media.



If you have decided to generate leads through social media, you can follow the below methods –


  1. Conduct contests – Running contests and issuing prizes that might appeal to the customer is one way to get leads. But, you must make sure that the user is not interested ONLY in the prize, but also in your product.
  2. Advertise – Social media advertising is a very common feature. The platform enables you to advertise your business for a wider range of audience. You can select the target audience based on age, gender, demographics, and common interests. There are many sorting features available to narrow down your ads to the specific onlookers.
  3. Go live – Live video feature of social media is fascinating. It helps you connect with users then and there and you can even monitor the number of users watching the video currently and hear their thoughts as and when they communicate it. The live video that you record may be posted to your profile so that interested viewers can view it later in case they missed it live. You can even host webinars to gather followers.
  4. Listen – Social media listening is a feature where you do nothing but observes the trends. You become a silent spectator to follow the happenings in the industry. This is the best way to find out what the users are speaking about you and your competitors. This is a crucial task, and you have to be careful not to blurt out things in anger in case of negative feedback. Take honest customer feedback to improve your product. This might be quite helpful.
  5. Create gated content – Gated content is when readers are required to enter some basic contact information if they wish to view the content. You can either create gated content or share links of gated content on your social media profile. If the user really wants to read the article, they might not hesitate to enter some basic contact info. This way, you can find out who is interested in the product along with their contact info. All that is left to do is follow up by the concerned team.




The methods mentioned in this article are foolproof. There are proven incidents that these strategies work. Even if a method backfires, there is always a chance to correct it and emerge victorious in the next campaign. There is no social media scar that will last longer than the next content that you post.


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